Emerging Ecotourism

Ecotourism had its inception in the late 20th century. The International Ecotourism Society’s (TIES) literature on sustainable development led to the birth of environmental tours or eco friendly tours or ecotourism. Ecotourism is all about susceptible travel while conserving nature’s biodiversity. And at the same time creating a minimal or no impact on the environment.
TIES, the non-profit organization, defines ecotourism in three parts

  • Traveling to natural surroundings (this generates an income to conserve the particular surrounding or biodiversity continually)
  • Seeking help from the local community (this promotes the well-being of the local people)
  • Enriching environmental awareness (this educates the tourists about nature, particular biodiversity, and culture) The two important aspects of responsible ecotourism are
    value creation and sustainability at full length. Indeed, from the beginning to the end of the ecotourism travel.


Eco tourism Principles

  • Develop or build low environmental-impact facilities or infrastructure
  • Reduce social or behavioral impact on the environment
  • Provide monetary benefits that support conservation
  • Create a perfect environment for educating ecotourists or travelers
  • Create employment opportunities for the local community
  • Understand the local community and their culture

At large, ensure a lively and satisfactory experience for all the people involved in the ecotour.

Difference Between Currently Prevailing
Traditional Tourism & Ecotourism

Traditional (Mass) Tourism Ecotourism
check-whiteTravel to populated cities or towns check-whiteA lot of distractions, nuisances, and crowds check-whiteDepends largely upon travel or tourist agents check-whiteMany activities like sight-seeing, indoor or outdoor games, cycling, sports, events, attraction, etc check-whiteA large group of people staying for a shorter period check-whiteEconomical development of the destination but with the compromised environment
check-whiteTravel to biodiversity-rich surrounding areas check-whiteLittle or no distraction from experiencing nature check-whiteSelf-arrangements for travel, stay, and food check-whiteLimited activities with an emphasis on admiring nature & biodiversity Ex: Bird-watching, hiking, trekking, reef driving, etc check-whiteA small group of people staying for a longer period check-whiteEconomical development and conservation of the destination with the uncompromised environment

Emerging Ecotourism

India has humongous biotic resources spread throughout the country. More than the history, legacy, heritage, and monuments, India has life and soul in every natural and biodiverse sphere. According to a recent report, India will expect huge demand for tourists in the years to come. Statistics predict the worth of the Indian travel market to reach ~$125 billion by the year 2027. This opens up huge opportunities for eco tours in India.

Already, a few states have begun embracing the importance of ecotourism in India with a conscious to conserve their biodiverse regions and localities. Notably, Thenmala in Kerala was the first eco tourism in India. Some of the growing eco tourism destinations in India include:

  • property-mgt-servicesJotsoma village, Nagaland
  • property-mgt-servicesHimalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh
  • property-mgt-servicesNagarhole and Chikmagalur, Karnataka
  • property-mgt-servicesMaenam Wildlife Sanctuary, Sikkim
  • property-mgt-servicesTsanga Community Conservation Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh
  • property-mgt-servicesWetland Conservation Reserve, Ladakh
  • property-mgt-servicesKaziranga National Park, Assam
  • property-mgt-servicesThenmala Ecotour, Kerala
  • property-mgt-servicesGalgibaga Beach, Goa
  • property-mgt-servicesSunderbans National Park, West Bengal

NRI Ecotourism Services in India

With 5 years of service in NRI tours and travels, NRI Services had always been envisioning conserving the biodiversity of India. With the ecotourism avenue opened up in India, we take this as our responsibility. Hence, it is our burden to get the best ecotour plans for the tourists visiting India. Plus, we wanted to give an extraordinary, natural and enriched experience to NRI tourists out there. Hence, eco tourism in India is one of the best options among the other tours. Reach out to us for anything related to India eco tours

We ensure you cherish the following in your
NRI ecotour in India

  • check-white Discover the nature and biodiversity of India
  • check-white Engage in local community activities like farming, fishing, crafts, festivals, etc
  • check-white Involve in activities like Trekking - Mountain expedition Camel/ elephant/ horse/ jeep safari Canoeing - Hiking - Backwater rides - Bird watching - Rafting
  • check-white Relish the local cuisines and types
  • check-white Undergo physical and mental rejuvenation
  • check-white Enjoy luxurious homestays
  • check-white Explore national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, botanical gardens, and zoological gardens

Ultimately, your Property, asset mentioned for Ecotourism


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