NRI Financial Services

NRI Services is an expert in creating innovative financial management solutions for NRI individuals. If you are an NRI, the odds are you need to manage investment and tax rules both abroad and at home which means you need a sound financial advisor. We’re an NRI financial services management company that helps offer seamless and hassle-free decisions when an NRI is looking to transfer to a country for the purpose of either buying/selling an asset-like property or investment. NRI Services is a financial advisor for NRI in India that helps NRIs to monitor taxation laws and manage financial management associated strategies including tracking fluctuations in currencies of different countries. Therefore, it is always a tough ask for an NRI to open or close a bank account or manage funds. This is why NRI Services is one of the best options available for financial services for NRI.

We deliver unique solutions related to all facets of financial management services, including opening or closing a bank account, NRO account, NRE account, home loan balance transfer, tax filing online services, PPF withdrawals, etc. We follow uniform pricing mechanism for all NRI customers which means there is no scope for any form of partiality or fraud in our charges involved for NRI looking for financial services in India.


NRI Investment Services

NRI Services helps Non-Resident Indians (NRI), Overseas Citizenship Holders of India (OCI) and Person of India Origin (PIO) living around the world to invest in India. We mainly focus on offering Financial Planning and Investment Plans for NRIs in India. We will guide and coach NRIs on how to start, and execute all the documentation works including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Income Tax PAN Requirements. We deliver various investment options including Investment in Systematic Investment Plans, Insurance schemes, NRI Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits and many other professional NRI investing services.

Taxation Services

We, at NRI Services, offer a range of services related to NRI Taxation In India, being always in the forefront of guiding NRIs and Foreign Nationals. We offer the following NRI Taxation Services to our esteemed clients including:

  • check-white NRI Tax Filing Services
  • check-white Tax & TDS on Property Sales
  • check-white Tax Planning for NRIs Returning to India
  • check-white Tax (TDS) on Rental Income & Interest
  • check-white Lower TDS Certificate for NRI Property Sale in India
  • check-white lncome Tax Scrutiny Notice

Ultimately, your property/ asset is safe with us!


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