NRI Legal Services in India

Most time NRIs aren’t aware of their rights they are entitled to in the matters of legal and insurance and others. NRI Services offers complete legal services for NRIs all over the globe. We’ve the experience of helping many NRIs living abroad on the nuances and complexities involved in legal matters that are either pending or contemplated at different levels in the courts of India.

Our professional team of lawyers at NRI Services help NRIs with a range of legal issues including divorce, property disputes, the partition of ancestral property or holdings, property transfer or getting Visa and Indian Citizenship. Our specialized services can make life easier for ex-pats wishing to settle down in India. Our network is wide spread such that anyone can request help and seek our recommendations before coming to India. NRI Services’ legal experts strive to find solutions and offer legal guidance in a systematic way through the right strategy including proper and timely court approach and the required legal paper work in resolving complex legal disputes. We have excellent global experience in dealing with NRI legal services, conversant with several local languages, believe in strong local presence, and go the extra mile in delivering seamless assistance any time.

Our Legal Services for NRI include

  • check-white Land and Property Disputes
  • check-white Laws for Senior Citizens
  • check-white Real Estate (buying, selling, or renting any type of property)
  • check-white Inheritance & succession
  • check-white Title Search Valuation
  • check-white Family & Divorce Law

Insurance for NRI in India

An NRI doesn’t essentially need to be living in India so as to buy insurance plans; therefore, it is easier for an NRI to sign up for any insurance services in India than anywhere else in the world. We will ensure that our NRI insurance services do not necessitate that an NRI has to be physically present in India at the time of purchasing the policy, be it health/medical insurance, travel insurance or pension plan. We will allow our clients to compare all available insurance plans for NRIs to find the best plan, and purchase them right away from the comfort of your home, just at the click of a button. Since it is established that NRIs working outside India normally have their families or relatives (parents or spouse) still staying in the country, it is fair to say that the insurance plan can be continued smoothly by the family through their already existing bank account in any bank in India. While the main policy holder can be at peace abroad, we take complete care of his/her insurance scheme in India by strong tie-up with quality insurance providers. We’re here to help you with NRI insurance plans as we will be available to offer sound advice as per your insurance needs. Just get in touch with your requirements for us to give you a suitable quote.

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