Medical tourism

Medical Tourism refers to when a person travels to another country seeking for medical care. Increasing health care cost is the number one reason for many patients to look for affordable options for their healthcare needs.
The availability of affordable medical care at a fraction of cost has opened up the global healthcare market for many consumers to travel outside of their home country through medical tourism.

Some of the notable benefits of Medial Tourism are:

  • Affordable and cost-effective Medical Care which can help in medical bills.
  • Advancement in technology in healthcare has rapidly grown all over the world.
  • Access to alternative treatments and range of procedures.
  • Availability of virtual consultations for evaluations and initial assessments with the providers from the comfort of their own home.
  • High – Quality Healthcare services offered by many of the doctors and surgeons.
  • Immediate access to health care services without any wait.
  • Opportunity to explore new destinations.

Types of Medical Tourism Services

  • check-white Preventive medical touring
  • check-white Health-conductive medical touring
  • check-white Rehabilitation medical touring

Trusted Medical Tourism Facilitator in India

  • Connect Global Services is devoted in offering trusted medical tourism services to the people who need quality healthcare at a fraction of cost in an affordable manner.
  • At Connect Global services, we take patient-centered approach and offer timely and efficient health services by maximizing the benefits based on individual preferences, needs and their requirements.
  • We take utmost care in our service as we realize that the individuals who are in need of healthcare should be timely, efficient, safe, and beneficial for better health outcomes.


Why Choose Connect Global Service's Medical Tourism

  • property-mgt-servicesAffordable Service
  • property-mgt-servicesHigh Quality of Care
  • property-mgt-servicesCost Effective
  • property-mgt-servicesImmediate availability of Service
  • property-mgt-servicesAccess for virtual consultation with experienced Medical Professionals
  • property-mgt-servicesExperienced Care Team

Medical Tourism Facilitation Process at Connect Global services

Here is a step-by-step process that we follow in medical tourism.


Understand your medical requirements


Research top-notch and registered hospitals or healthcare providers in India


Match the ones that are best at dealing with your medical need


Shortlist and connect with the centers


Benefits of Choosing Us

  • property-mgt-servicesGetting in touch with the medical centers
  • property-mgt-servicesArranging for specialty services as required by the patient
  • property-mgt-servicesFixing surgery/treatment appointments and followups
  • property-mgt-servicesCatering hygienic and healthy food to you and your family/ companions
  • property-mgt-servicesCoordinating your commutation and accommodation
  • property-mgt-servicesGiving importance to the medical conditions and restrictions put forth by the Doctors
  • property-mgt-servicesPostoperative Care after surgical procedures
  • property-mgt-servicesobtaining medical travel insurance

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