The Need For Connect Global Property Account Management Services in India

Managing your property in your home country may be challenging especially when you live abroad. Connect Global Services property manager takes the responsibilities of managing and up keeping your properties through our high-quality reliable service.

We offer wide range of services like site visit, maintenance, inspections, rent collection, documentation, rental and leasing. Our competent service and systematic approach can add significant value to your property. Please contact us for more details.
Some of the benefits of using our Property Management Services are:

  • High Quality Tenant
  • Property Inspections
  • Lease Documentations
  • Assistance with taxes
  • Maintenance and repairs

Connect Global services - The Leading Property Account Management Services Provider

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Some of our major “Property Management”
services includes:

Trade Support

  • Search for a Property: Identify the best property for investment.
  • Buying: Buy property in India with complete legal assistance.
  • Selling: Mediate property selling in India.
  • Leasing or Renting: Help you generate secondary income by leasing or renting out your properties.

Tenancy Management

  • Advertising: Promote the property for renting.
  • Tenant Screening: Identify and shortlist the contacted tenants.
  • Personal Background Check: Verification of Financial background and credibility.

Rental Management

  • Rent Collection: Timely rent collection from the tenants.
  • Secured Transfer: Transfer or rent to Connect Global Services as per agreed timelines (monthly, quarterly, or yearly).
  • Rental Agreement: Prepare a rental agreement with all possible details, TnC covered.
  • Broker Commissions: Coordinate and manage brokerage during renting.

Home Improvement & Maintenance

  • Regular inspections: Periodic Field visits to ensure the safety and security of the property.
  • Repairs and Maintenance: Functional check of appliances for periodic maintenance including utilities and repair or replacing when necessary.
  • Gardening and maintenance: Regular pruning, watering, and overall maintenance of property.
  • Lawn Care: Regular pruning, watering, and overall maintenance of Lawn and Garden in the property.
  • Interior styling: Procure and decorate the property with interior decor.

Legal Functions

  • Certifications: Obtain legal certificates (devoid of any legal or monetary dues) like:
    i. Encumbrance, ii. Khata/ Patta, iii. NOC.
  • Transfer: Name or complete transfer of property.
  • On-time tax payments: Property and water tax payments.
  • Utility and bill payments: Electricity, internet connection, etc.

Why Choose Connect Global services

At Connect Global services, we adhere to certain principles and processes while handling Connect Global properties in India.

Principles We Owe:

  • property-mgt-servicesAccountability
  • property-mgt-servicesTransparency
  • property-mgt-servicesIntegrity
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Processes We Follow

Here is the step-by-step approach that we follow in our
property management services” in India.


Connect with global customer and understanding the problem


Analyze how we can help you with our best-in-class property management services


Propose suitable property management packages


Provide an agreement for service


Share an agreement with a quote and terms & conditions


Upon acceptance, ratify the agreement and initiate affiliation


Perform an initial inspection


Take over the property and ensure complete care


Benefits of Choosing Us

  • property-mgt-servicesEnd-to-end property management
  • property-mgt-servicesPrevent illegal possession
  • property-mgt-servicesRefrain from fraudulent activities
  • property-mgt-servicesAffordable services with the utmost quality and care
  • property-mgt-servicesTransparent operations
  • property-mgt-servicesNo hidden or additional charges
  • property-mgt-servicesReal-time tracking and updates
  • property-mgt-servicesReliable service with a hassle-free solution
  • property-mgt-servicesNo stress worrying about the property
  • property-mgt-servicesRelief and relax
  • property-mgt-servicesSecured transactions
  • property-mgt-servicesPerfect documentations
  • property-mgt-servicesExclusive account handling

Ultimately, your property/ asset is safe with us!

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