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With globalization and growing opportunities, today, India ranks at the top of the expatriates’ list. Nearly, 17 million people from India are living abroad. The United States stands the second highest with ~3.1 million people. Approximately, this makes up to 1% of their population.

Connect Global Services - Travel to India

Undeniably, India beholds the treasure of culture, heritage, diversity, integrity, and astounding nature. Thus, people travel from overseas to India almost throughout the year to admire its beauty. When it comes to Connect Global Services, India is just not their tourist destination but their motherland.

  • check-white Family tours (Visiting hometown and nearby tourist spots)
  • check-white Heritage trips (India has more than thirty UNESCO World heritage sites)
  • check-white Honeymoon tours (Alluring hill stations and snow-capped mountains)
  • check-white Connect Global Services group tour (Open and closed group tours)
  • check-white Leisure travel (A lot of de-stressing and adventurous tourist destinations)
  • check-white Connect Global Services Special tours like Ecotourism or Medical tourism (Ecotourism: Cherishing the best eco-sites & spots with a certified eco-tour guide) (Medical tourism: Travel to India for seeking medical or healthcare support from Doctors / hospitals in India)
  • check-white Pilgrimage tours (Spiritualism is in the veins of India and one cannot miss the spiritual retreat in any city or state in India)
  • check-white Business tours - Connect Global least choice (Visit and meet business acquaintances)

End-To-End Connect Global Services Tours And Travel

At Connect Global Services, we ensure we manage end-to-end tour services from picking up and dropping back at the airport. Our travel services to NRI follow a streamlined process. The process involves two stages.

Connect Global Services Tours Pre-requisite Includes

  • Customizing your travel plan (Choosing the right tourist destination in India as per your needs and fixing the best time to visit)
  • Accordingly, planning your itinerary
  • Booking travel, accommodation/food
  • Hiring vehicles for domestic travel
  • Reserving spots or entry at the respective tourist destination (if applicable)

Connect Global Services Touring Facilitation Includes

  • Pickup / Drop off From / To Airport
  • Escorting throughout your tour (optional)
  • Providing a travel guide (if required)
  • Following up to ensure you have a seamless and uninterrupted stay
  • Coordinating for domestic travel (if required)

Processes We Follow

Here is the step-by-step approach that we follow in our
“Connect Global Services” tours and travels in India.


Decide where you want to go & the length of your trip


Check your money and prepare a budget


Contact us for travel bookings & accommodation (once planning is over)


Handling of Arrival procedure


Destination Travel

Connect Global Services Tours and Travel  offer customized travel experiences to any popular tourist destination spots. We make sure through our service our clients get the best and relaxed ideal dream vacation.

Our one stop solution takes care of all your travel needs from flight booking, hotel stay, car rentals, and sightseeing ensuring hassle free and enjoyable vacation.

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